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寮屋–暫准存在的構建物(Chinese only) (25/6/2017)


基建—建構未來的基石(Chinese only) (18/6/2017)


「天人合一 和諧共容」-「可持續建築環境全球會議」(Chinese only) (11/6/2017)

為了應對氣候變化帶來的嚴峻挑戰,香港一直以來都積極為國家和全球作出貢獻。籌備已久、熱切期待的「可持續建築環境全球會議」(World Sustainable Built Environment Conference)剛圓滿結束,這是一項堪比綠色建築界奧運會的國際盛事。今年香港很榮幸成為會議的舉辦城市,讓來自57個國家或地區、超過一千名的政府代表、綠色建築業界的專家和學者聚首一堂,就可持續建築的最新發展及未來挑戰進行了深入討論和交流......

Let’s shape a sustainable Lantau (4/6/2017)

Long-term planning and development often take months or even years. The Government has been striving to increase land supply through a multi-pronged strategy to meet the various needs of the society. Earlier on, I have written a series of blog articles entitled “Embrace challenges in comprehensive site-searching”, “Work together to plan for the future”, and more on how we have been expanding land resources in a proactive manner for now and the future. The Sustainable Lantau Blueprint (the Blueprint) that we have just promulgated is moving towards these goals under the overarching principle of “Development in the North, Conservation for the South” for Lantau. We hope that more land will be provided for the development of Hong Kong to cater for our social, economic and conservation needs in the long run. Let’s strive to build a consensus and plan for our future together……

Water quality monitoring around the clock (28/5/2017)

Dongjiang (DJ) water is the main source of fresh water for Hong Kong, accounting for about 70 to 80 per cent of our total fresh water supply. To gain first-hand information on the DJ water supply facilities and the Mainland’s work on water quality monitoring, I, together with colleagues of the Water Supplies Department (WSD), joined 18 Legislative Council (LegCo) Members, in their duty visit to the DJ River Basin organised by the Panel on Development of LegCo last month. On 22 May, the Development Bureau (DEVB) and the WSD arranged a follow-up visit for LegCo Members to the Muk Wu Pumping Station adjacent to Shenzhen River and the Tai Po Water Treatment Works, so that the legislators have a better understanding of the WSD’s work on water quality monitoring and water treatment. The visit can be seen as a continuation of the duty visit to the DJ River Basin which aims to enable the public to better grasp our sustained effort to ensure water safety……


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