建造業議會主席陳家駒(Chinese only) (23/1/2022)


九龍東商貿區中的悠然空間(Chinese only) (16/1/2022)


前深水埗配水庫(Chinese only) (9/1/2022)


Urban Renewal Fund in its 10th anniversary (2/1/2022)

Entering 2022, I wish you all good health and every success in the new year. Earlier on, I attended the Urban Renewal Fund (URF) 10th Anniversary Conference. As one of the major highlights of the Urban Renewal Strategy promulgated in 2011, the URF was founded to render assistance to the residents affected by redevelopment projects and to promote heritage preservation and district revitalisation by adopting a “people first, district-based, public participatory” approach to urban renewal. This time, I have invited the Chairman of the Board of the URF, Professor NGAI Sek-yum, Steven, to introduce the work of the URF so as to give us an insight into how connecting, inheriting, co-creating and integrating can be accomplished in residential communities......


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