Date Subject
31/12/2002 Progress of Arch SD re-engineering programme
30/12/2002 Energy Efficiency Labelling Schemes for Dehumidifier and Laser Printer
23/12/2002 Water quality data released twice a year
20/12/2002 Peter Lau's art of geometry shows the beauty of buildings and human body
20/12/2002 Scope of pilot scheme for water-cooled air-conditioning systems extended
18/12/2002 LC: Land Titles Bill
18/12/2002 LCQ5 : Traffic light repair & maintenance serviced by EMSD more cost effective
18/12/2002 LCQ9 : Measures taken to minimise disturbances caused by road openings along Nathan Road
11/12/2002 LCQ11 : Govt to review priorities of the remaining 5 water supply projects for remote villages
11/12/2002 LCQ12: Tenancies of container vehicle parks
06/12/2002 Approval scheme for domestic gas appliances
04/12/2002 LCQ13: Private Treaty Grant Applications
04/12/2002 Voluntary Recall of "Philips" SL Electronic Prismatic Light Bulbs
27/11/2002 LCQ16: Gas explosion at Tsui Chuk Garden
27/11/2002 LCQ2 : Gov't explains road maintenance and resurfacing works
27/11/2002 LCQ3: Impact of Housing Policy on employment market
20/11/2002 LCQ15 : Constraints on conducting public works at Tin Shui Road explained
14/11/2002 Transcript of SHPL's media session
13/11/2002 LCQ1 : Government actively promotes the use of quality precast paving slabs
13/11/2002 LCQ15: Outline Zoning Plans

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development