Date Subject
15/05/2002 LCQ10: Acquisition of premises for redevelopment by URA
15/05/2002 LCQ14: Government Rent (Assessment and Collection) Ordinance
15/05/2002 LCQ18: Environmental provisions included in land leases
15/05/2002 LCQ20 : Policy on construction quality control testing
08/05/2002 Government to provide Financial Support to URA
08/05/2002 LCQ14: Design Manual on Barrier Free Access
08/05/2002 LCQ15: Applications for change of land use
08/05/2002 LCQ19 : No shortage of Government projects
07/05/2002 Statement on ArchSD's re-engineering
27/04/2002 Business to benefit with streamlined development procedures
24/04/2002 LC: Bill on road excavations introduced
24/04/2002 LCQ4: West Kowloon Reclamation Concept Plan Competition
18/04/2002 Prizes awarded to West Kowloon Reclamation winning designs
18/04/2002 Speech on presentation of prizes to Concept Plan winners (English only)
17/04/2002 LCQ1: Planning brief for the South East Kowloon Development
17/04/2002 LCQ15: Overall development plan of the Cheung Kong Center
17/04/2002 LCQ18: Rules for bidding land
17/04/2002 LCQ2: Display of building numbers
17/04/2002 LCQ20: Conversion of vacant units in factory buildings
13/04/2002 Maintain Your Slopes Early

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development