Peter Lau's art of geometry shows the beauty of buildings and human body

Have you ever thought of geometry a catalyst in art creation? Many things around us, ranging from skyscrapers, roads, vehicles to plants, and even human beings, are in fact made with invariable proportional relationship and order. Thanks to those geometry-oriented harmony and order which give mixed media artist Peter Lau much inspiration in his artistic pursuit.

Lau believes in the overwhelming power of mathematics over beauty and that beauty and geometry exist in constant symbiosis. His beliefs are communicated through the "Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II: The message from Peter Lau [formetry]" exhibition, which will run from tomorrow (December 21) to January 1, 2003 at the Exhibition Gallery of Kwai Tsing Theatre. Featuring Lau's works of print, drawing, mixed media and so on, the exhibition will not only reflect Lau's unique style in embodying the spirits of mathematics and geometry in his artistic creation, but also the distinct features that characterise the various stages of his artistic pursuit.

Mixed media artist Peter Lau is the first artist to set off the "Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II". Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Acting Deputy Director (Culture) of Leisure and Cultural Services, Mr Tony Ma Kai-loong, noted that the Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme was a prime mission of the Art Promotion Office (APO)in promoting local visual arts and bringing to the community high-quality local art exhibitions, thus achieving the purpose of "art-in-the-neighbourhood".

The Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme, a partnership project with the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation, made its debut in 2000. Building on the favourable responses from artists and the general public, the Scheme is launched again to further showcase the works of 13 newly selected artists/art groups. Exhibitions for these participating artists will be organised in various local town halls, civic centers and MTR stations starting from November 2002 to 2005.

Peter Lau, who studied in England in his early years, was very fond of ancient European buildings, and this sentiment can be traced in many of his earlier works. In his award winning work created in 1993, Lau successfully combined the language of architecture and surrealism to form a richly imaginative pictorial space and a distinctive personal style. While sojourning in the United States in 1997, Lau created another host of works that were imbued with American flavours, in which he skillfully integrated his favourite symbols like temples, towers etc. Drawing inspirations from Greek mythology, his recent works are charged with considerable emotion and imagination, displaying the artist's pursuit of changes in his artistic endeavours, as well as sophistication in his thoughts.

In terms of artistic pursuit, Lau's works are the result of a continuous exploration of techniques and an unyielding pursuit of perfection. He likes to unfold his inner world in the style of surrealism. His elaborately conceived composition and the employment of natural colours all help to conjure up a serene and harmonious picture. Pursuing an austere life and through the quiet environment in which he lives, Lau develops an abundant amount of fantasy and sentiments. His positive attitude towards life over the years has also motivated his artistic endeavours. Since the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial 1994 Exhibition in which he won an award, Lau has incessantly devoted himself to his work and kept on improving, and the fruitful results of the past several years manifest themselves in the exhibition.

To facilitate more groups and schools to visit Peter Lau's exhibition, free-guided tours will be organised by the APO. Interested parties may contact the Community Art Team of the APO on 2521 3008. Those who wish to share Peter Lau's experience of artistic creation are welcome to browse the website at

Kwai Tsing Theatre is situated in 12 Hing Ning Road, Kwai Chung. Its Exhibition Gallery opens from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Admission is free.

End/Friday, December 20, 2002