Date Subject
21/12/2000 LDC Chairman and Managing Board members re-appointed
23/11/2000 Maintaining buildings by multi-prong approach and partnership
19/10/2000 Review on use of Tamar site
18/10/2000 A Better Planned City with Greener Buildings
29/08/2000 Comprehensive review of Buildings Ordinance welcomed
25/07/2000 Government permits rebuilding of licensed stilt houses in Tai O
11/07/2000 Measures to enhance competition in the fuel market and incentives for setting up LPG filling facilities
26/06/2000 LC: Adaptation of Laws (No.11) Bill 1998
14/06/2000 LC: Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2000
30/05/2000 Proposed requirement for bank guarantees in land tender
29/05/2000 No coercion used in land resumption
22/05/2000 Certified copies of building documents to reduce by $145
08/05/2000 Attendance rate at Town Planning Board meetings clarified
05/04/2000 LC: Tackling of illegal structures
31/03/2000 Appointment of Town Planning Board Members
22/03/2000 Timely maintenance of buildings is key to quality homes
20/03/2000 Land requirement and supply for major land uses discussed
04/03/2000 Building heritage integrated into town planning
03/02/2000 Comprehensive review on Buildings Ordinance starts
02/02/2000 A step forward in setting up of Urban Renewal Authority

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development