Date Subject
12/06/2002 LCQ7 : Measures to strengthen selection of public works contractors
06/06/2002 Land policy responsive to market forces
06/06/2002 Speech on Land Management in Hong Kong (English only)
05/06/2002 LCQ 14 : Land filling activities on private land
05/06/2002 Voluntary recall of speaker power adaptors
04/06/2002 Consultancy for Wan Chai Development Phase II awarded
31/05/2002 Contract for the construction of trunk sewers awarded
31/05/2002 Contract for Widening of Tung Chung Road awarded
31/05/2002 Scope of pilot scheme for water-cooled air-con systems extended
31/05/2002 Voluntary recall of AC adaptor for personal digital assistants
29/05/2002 LCQ13 : No plan to deck all open nullahs
25/05/2002 Community participation to attain common goal
25/05/2002 Speech on community participation in planning in Hong Kong
22/05/2002 LCQ10: Relaxation of user restrictions on industrial buildings
22/05/2002 LCQ11 : Increases in APE for certain building projects explained
22/05/2002 LCQ16: Land grant mechanism for housing development
22/05/2002 LCQ3 : HK's treated water complies with WHO guidelines
22/05/2002 LCQ4: New Central Government Complex
21/05/2002 D of DS (designate) responds to his new appointment
16/05/2002 Statement by PCICB Chairman on KCRC's Investigation Report on West Rail contracts

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development