Date Subject
31/12/2010 Public tender of Yuen Long Town Lot No.518
31/12/2010 SDEV speaks on public tender of Yuen Long site
27/12/2010 Water Supplies Department's response to the media
24/12/2010 Government appoints Antiquities Advisory Board Chairman and members
23/12/2010 January 2011 adjustment in auto-LPG ceiling prices
21/12/2010 Launch of international design ideas competition for Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point passenger terminal building
16/12/2010 CEDD continues to green Hong Kong (with photo)
16/12/2010 Publication of information on private columbaria
16/12/2010 Temporary suspension of flushing water supply in Kowloon
15/12/2010 LCQ20: Development Opportunities Office
15/12/2010 LCQ18: Public facilities in private developments
15/12/2010 LCQ17: Conversion of private residential units for other uses
15/12/2010 LCQ9: Conservation of Wing Lee Street
15/12/2010 LCQ5: Claims for compensation related to Fung Shui
15/12/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on conservation of Wing Lee Street (Chinese only)
08/12/2010 Investigation report on fallen metal gate incident at Hang Ngai Manufacturing and Hostel released
08/12/2010 LCQ18: Handling of Water seepage complaints
08/12/2010 LCQ4: Development of Former Marine Police Headquarters
07/12/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on Urban Renewal Strategy Review (Chinese only)
06/12/2010 Speech by Secretary for Development at the International Construction Law Conference 2010 (English only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development