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31/12/2007 Construction Industry Council and Construction Industry Training Authority to amalgamate
28/12/2007 January adjustment in auto LPG ceiling prices
27/12/2007 Secretary for Development speaks on Lee Tung Street Me Gregor Street project (Chinese only)
20/12/2007 Drainage Services Department adopts innovative concept to relieve flooding (with photos)
20/12/2007 Secretary for Development speaks on revitalisation of Wan Chai district (Chinese only)
14/12/2007 Geotechnical experts visit HK for Landslide Disaster Management (with photos)
14/12/2007 Secretary for Development visits Sha Tin District (with photos)
12/12/2007 LCQ17: Dongjiang River Basin Water Resources Allocation Scheme
12/12/2007 LCQ7: Improvements to urban planning, land administration and approval procedures for building construction
12/12/2007 LCQ6: Unauthorised building works
10/12/2007 Government works with construction industry to implement 10 major infrastructures
10/12/2007 Secretary for Development speaks on Central Police Station Compound project (Chinese only)
10/12/2007 Speech by Secretary for Development at the 2007 graduation ceremony of Construction Industry Training Authority (Chinese only)
06/12/2007 Lo Wu, Tai Wo and Lion Rock Tunnels water mains to be improved (with photos)
05/12/2007 LCQ11: Team for lease modification and land exchange applications
05/12/2007 LCQ8: Land Registry's Integrated Registration Information System
05/12/2007 LC: Speech by Secretary for Development at the Second reading of Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2007 (Chinese only)
29/11/2007 New Programme to sustain slope safety in 2010
28/11/2007 December adjustment in auto LPG ceiling prices
28/11/2007 LCQ18: Illegal piling of waste on agricultural land in New Territories

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development.