Date Subject
24/12/2001 Appointment of Urban Renewal Authority Executive Directors
18/12/2001 New development right concept to preserve historical buildings
18/12/2001 Speech on transfer of development rights (English only)
12/12/2001 LCQ14: Pedestrian links of private developments
05/12/2001 LCQ14: Private club land rent
05/12/2001 LCQ5: Construction materials with radioactive substances
30/11/2001 Speech on industrial zones (English only)
30/11/2001 The Transformation of Industrial Zones in Hong Kong
27/11/2001 A new framework to take forward urban renewal
27/11/2001 Mosque site chosen after thorough search
27/11/2001 People first approach to urban renewal
16/11/2001 Further incentives for Green buildings being considered (English only)
13/11/2001 Urban Design Guidelines for Hong Kong discussed
07/11/2001 LCQ3: Fire safety of steel-based load-bearing buildings
02/11/2001 CE opens INTEGER HK Pavilion
20/10/2001 Highlight of software qualities for waterfront planning (Eng. Only)
20/10/2001 Paradigm shift in Government to respond to changing economy
20/10/2001 The new partnership to improve built environment (Eng. Only)
17/10/2001 LCQ19: Environmental problems caused by fallow agricultural lands
17/10/2001 LCQ7: Building height restriction

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development