Date Subject
22/01/2002 Re-engineering of Architectural Services Department
21/01/2002 Pilot plant trials of compact sewage treatment technologies
16/01/2002 LCQ14 : Procurement of Consultancy Services explained
16/01/2002 LCQ5 : Negotiation on price and supply quantities of Dongjiang water
16/01/2002 Speech by Secretary for Works
14/01/2002 Planning for pedestrians to encourage walking
14/01/2002 Speech on planning for pedestrians (English only)
10/01/2002 Releasing Contract Rates or Related Information to Consultants for the Purpose of Cost Estimation or Cost Analysis
09/01/2002 LCQ20: URA aims to be self-financing
09/01/2002 LCQ3: A study on the Landscape Value Mapping of Hong Kong
09/01/2002 LCQ6: Work Progress of Urban Renewal Authority
02/01/2002 Lift incident under investigation

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development