Comprehensive review of Buildings Ordinance welcomed

Members of the Land and Building Advisory Committee (LBAC) welcomed the Government's effort to conduct a comprehensive review of the Buildings Ordinance and Regulations.

"Members noted that the last time a comprehensive review was conducted dated back to 1955. They agreed that some of the provisions of the Buildings Ordinance and Regulations were outdated and there was a need to introduce some comprehensive and practicable standards and incentives to promote innovative and green designs," said Professor Yeung Yue-man, Chairman of the LBAC, after the Committee's meeting today (August 29).

"They also welcomed the suggestion to simplify and streamline the administrative procedures in approving building plans and looked forward to the outcome of the review."

"Members observed that the Buildings Department would adopt a forward-looking approach and change to a performance-based standards rather than prescriptive rules. Energy efficiency in building design would also be taken care of in the review. They welcomed the move towards such direction," said Professor Yeung.

The Committee also noted the research report by the Hong Kong Construction Association on the competitiveness of Hong Kong's construction industry and its effect to the economy as a whole.

"Members acknowledged with concern an indication in the report that the decrease in competitiveness of the construction industry could be a reflection of the decrease in competitiveness of the economy as a whole," said Professor Yeung.

The report, entitled "The Competitiveness of Hong Kong's Construction Industry", was prepared by the Department of Real Estate and Construction of the University of Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Construction Association.

The report has included some recommendations, including arresting the decline in the growth of the construction industry through research and development of the quality of the workforce.

End/Tuesday, August 29, 2000