Appointment of Town Planning Board Members




The Chief Executive has appointed 45 members to the Town Planning Board (TPB) for a two-year term from April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2002. Compared with the last term, the number of non-official members has been increased from 26 to 37. The Secretary for Planning and Lands has been appointed as Chairman.


Following is the list of membership, which is published in the Gazette today (March 31):


Official Members:


Secretary for Planning and Lands (Chairman)

Director of Planning (Vice-Chairman)

Secretary for Housing, or his/her representative

Deputy Secretary for Transport, or his/her representative

Director of Home Affairs, or his/her representative

Director of Environmental Protection, or his/her representative

Director of Lands, or his/her representative

Deputy Director of Planning (District) (Secretary)


Non-official Members:


Name Background

------- --------------

Mr Charles Nicholas BROOKE, BBS, J.P. Surveying

Mr Daniel CHAM Ka-hung Business

Mr CHAN Ka-kui, BBS, J.P. Surveying

Dr Alex CHAN Siu-kun Engineering

Dr CHAN Wai-kwan Business/Commerce


Mr Christopher CHENG Wai-chee, J.P. Industry


Dr Rebecca CHIU Lai-har Environment,

Planning, HKU


Professor Anthony COORAY Law, CityU

Dr Leonard John ENDICOTT Engineering

Mr Daniel HEUNG Cheuk-kei Architecture

*Dr HO Kin-chung Environment

Professor JIM Chi-yung, J.P. Environment,

Geography, HKU

Mr KWOK Kwok-chuen, BBS Transport Advisory

Committee (TAC)

Member, Economist


Mr Michael LAI Kam-cheung, J.P. Social work

Mr LAM Kwok-cheong Legal practice

Professor Patrick LAU Sau-shing Architecture, HKU

Mrs Angelina LEE WONG Pui-ling, J.P. Legal practice

Professor LEUNG Tin-pui, J.P. Engineering, PolyU

Professor LEUNG Yee Environment,

Geography, CUHK

Dr Eddy LI Sau-hung Industry

*Mr LO Man-tuen, J.P. Industry

*Prof Alex LUI Chun-wan Architecture, CUHK

Mr Frederick LUI Lai-cheung, J.P. Architecture

*Mr Francis LUI Yiu-tung Engineering

*Mr Keith Gordon McKinnell Surveying

*Mr Anthony NG Heung-hung Architecture

*Mr NG Shui-lai, J.P. Social Work

*Mrs Anna PAO-SOHMEN Business/Commerce

Mr Edward PONG Chong, J.P. Industry

Mr Almon POON Chin-hung TAC Member,

Legal practice

*Ms Pamela Rumball Rogers Heritage

*Dr Greg WONG Chak-yan Engineering

*Mr WONG Chi-kui Architecture, HKU

Dr Peter WONG King-keung Engineering

*Mr YU Kwok-chun, SBS, J.P. Business/Commerce

*Dr Jose YU Sun-say, SBS, J.P. Industry

Professor Shane ZEE Sze-yong Environment,

Botany, HKU

* New appointees (Total = 13)


A Government spokesman said that the TPB membership has been expanded from 34 to 45, comprising 8 official and 37 non-official members.


He said that the expanded membership is to cope with the heavy workload of the Board, to strengthen representation of the relevant fields such as engineering, architecture, environment, etc.


"The interests of planning-related sectors which have not previously been represented such as landscape architect and heritage preservation will also be covered," the spokesman added.


He noted that all TPB members are appointed on an ad personum basis.


"The Government looks forward to a very productive new two-year term of the Board. We have confidence in the ability, independence and dedication of all the members appointed," he said.


End/Friday, March 31, 2000