LC: Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2000

Following is a speech by the Secretary for Planning and Lands, Mr Gordon Siu, during the resumed debate on the Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2000 in the Legislative Council today (June 14):

Madam President,

May I first thank the members of the Bills Committee, in particular the Chairman, the Honourable Ronald Arculli, for their meticulous and efficient scrutiny of the Buildings (Amendment) Bill 2000.

The objective and key proposals of the Bill have just been highlighted by Hon. Edward Ho. We are pleased that all the proposals have the general support of the Bills Committee and the industry.

I will move a number of amendments at the Committee Stage. These amendments have all been agreed by the Bills Committee. I shall highlight the principal amendments and the rationale when I move the respective amendments later.

Dr the Hon. Raymond Ho mentioned that the Buildings Ordinance should be reviewed. I in fact made such a pledge in January. The Buildings Department is now undertaking a comprehensive review of the ordinance and I hope some of the proposals can be presented to honourable members in the next Legislative Council session.

Madam President, with these remarks, I move that the Bill be read a second time.

End/Wednesday, June 14, 2000