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17/12/2003 Placing of Cargo Compartments on Streets PDF
10/12/2003 Unauthorized Occupation of Government Land by Green Island Cement Company Limited  PDF
03/12/2003 Litigations Arising from Acquisition of Private Land by Government PDF
12/11/2003 Expenditure on Tun Fu fees arising from fung shui concerns PDF
29/10/2003 Use of government land granted on short term leases PDF
22/10/2003 Building Safety Loan Scheme  PDF
09/07/2003 Lease conditions requiring property owners to bear maintenance responsibilities for public facilities  PDF
02/07/2003 Unauthorized occupation of government land PDF
25/06/2003 Control Land Filling on Agricutural Lots PDF
25/06/2003 Seepage problem at ceilings of private residential premises PDF
18/06/2003 Imposing charges on advertisement signboards PDF
21/05/2003 Display of building numbers on ground floor shops PDF
07/05/2003 New Survey for Old Scheduled lots in the New Territories  PDF
26/02/2003 Handling of withered trees on government land PDF
26/02/2003 Regulation of advertisement signboards PDF
12/02/2003 Guesthouse and service apartments converted from office buildings  PDF
12/02/2003 Missing or illegible Government leases and grants PDF
22/01/2003 Applications for lease modification from non-profit making organizations PDF

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