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18/12/2013 LCQ1: Water seepage cases
18/12/2013 LCQ11: Steering Committee on Land Supply
18/12/2013 LCQ3: Area Assessments of Industrial Land in the Territory
06/12/2013 SDEV's closing remarks at LegCo's motion debate on the policy on 'enclaves' (Chinese only)
06/12/2013 SDEV's opening remarks at LegCo's motion debate on the policy on 'enclaves' (Chinese only)
04/12/2013 LCQ1: Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme
20/11/2013 LCQ17: Online access to Lands Department's information
20/11/2013 LCQ3: Public car park within the Kai Tak Development Area
13/11/2013 LCQ13: Control of unauthorised signboards
13/11/2013 LCQ16: North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning and Engineering Study
13/11/2013 LCQ20: Safety of maintenance works on external walls of buildings
13/11/2013 LCQ5: Measures to facilitate economic development
06/11/2013 LCQ18: Land supply for private housing
06/11/2013 LCQ2: Brownfield sites in Hong Kong
06/11/2013 LCQ20: Planning for Kai Tak Development Area
06/11/2013 LCQ6: Land and housing supply
30/10/2013 LCQ10: Handling of water seepage cases
30/10/2013 LCQ18: Village Type Development zone
30/10/2013 LCQ19: Water supply for residents in remote areas
30/10/2013 LCQ6: Repair works of tenement building at Kai Ming Street

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