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20/12/2006 Qualitative Guidelines on Air Ventilation
13/12/2006 LCQ4 : Trimming of trees
06/12/2006 Private Treaty Grant
24/11/2006 December adjustment in auto LPG ceiling prices
22/11/2006 LCQ11 : Registration of construction workers
22/11/2006 Unauthorised rooftop structures in factory buildings for residential uses
15/11/2006 Approval of Master Layout Plan
15/11/2006 Fixtures on external walls of buildings
15/11/2006 LCQ 10: Rooftop greening projects for buildings
15/11/2006 Unauthorised rooftop structures in factory buildings
08/11/2006 Problem of factory building units being left vacant and misused
01/11/2006 Green buildings
25/10/2006 GFA and premium for green features for residential developments
12/07/2006 Lift and escalators
05/07/2006 New Central Harbourfront
05/07/2006 Retail links and open-air bazarrs with special characteristics
28/06/2006 LCQ19 : Green roof or flat roof projects
21/06/2006 Escalator in Galaxia
14/06/2006 LCQ10 : Sea water for flushing
14/06/2006 LCQ4 : Illegal dumping of construction waste

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