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22/12/2011 LCQ13: Redevelopment scheme for the West Wing of Central Government Offices
21/12/2011 LCQ9: Unauthorised building works in New Territories village house
07/12/2011 LC Urgent Q3: Sub-divided units
07/12/2011 LCQ14: Plants planted in public places
30/11/2011 LCQ13: Water seepage/leakage in residential units
30/11/2011 LCQ19: Block Crown Lease (Cheung Chau) Ordinance
30/11/2011 LCQ5: Agricultural land
23/11/2011 LCQ3: Small house developments
23/11/2011 LCQ9: Ho Tung Gardens
16/11/2011 LCQ1: Tin Shui Wai development
16/11/2011 LCQ12: Short-term tenancies and waivers
16/11/2011 LCQ19: Repulse Bay shopping centre
09/11/2011 LCQ17: Repair and maintenance of drainage pipes
09/11/2011 LCQ5: Heritage conservation policy
02/11/2011 LCQ11: Extension part of OCMFA
02/11/2011 LCQ7: Underground water main burst incidents
26/10/2011 LCQ14: Expand land resources
26/10/2011 LCQ9: Harbourfront development
13/07/2011 LC Urgent Q1: Escalator incidents
13/07/2011 LCQ13: Asbestos material removal works

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