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15/12/2010 LCQ17: Conversion of private residential units for other uses
15/12/2010 LCQ18: Public facilities in private developments
15/12/2010 LCQ20: Development Opportunities Office
15/12/2010 LCQ5: Claims for compensation related to Fung Shui
15/12/2010 LCQ9: Conservation of Wing Lee Street
08/12/2010 LCQ18: Handling of Water seepage complaints
08/12/2010 LCQ4: Development of Former Marine Police Headquarters
01/12/2010 LCQ20: Sub-division of flat units
01/12/2010 LCQ15: Government, institution or community facilities sites
01/12/2010 LCQ14: Buildings safety
01/12/2010 LCQ12: Small house policy
01/12/2010 LCQ10: Fung shui compensatory works
01/12/2010 LCQ1: Government Explosives Depots
24/11/2010 LCQ12: Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) (Specification of Lower Percentage) Notice
03/11/2010 LCQ3: Changes in use of land and buildings
03/11/2010 LCQ8: Compulsory Land Sale
14/07/2010 LCQ13: Removal of dangerous and abandoned signboards
14/07/2010 LCQ14: Building Covenant
07/07/2010 LCQ15: Repair and rebuilding of squatter huts
07/07/2010 LCQ3: Tree collapse incident

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