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16/12/2009 LCQ18: Wah Kai Industrial Centre
16/12/2009 LCQ13: Green buildings
02/12/2009 LCQ20: TPB's powers and functions
02/12/2009 LCQ19: Water seepage in residential premises
18/11/2009 LCQ5: Labour Relations Officers of public works contracts
11/11/2009 LCQ5: Gross floor area concessions
04/11/2009 LCQ14: Handling of planning applications for developments which may create wall effect
04/11/2009 LCQ11: Compensation and rehousing for tenants affected by Urban Renewal Authority projects
04/11/2009 LCQ6: Floor numbering of buildings
28/10/2009 LCQ10: Hong Kong 2030 Study: Planning Vision and Strategy
28/10/2009 LCQ8: Planting trees
24/06/2009 LCQ15: Unlawful occupation of government land
24/06/2009 LCQ8: Earthquake risks and its impact on buildings
10/06/2009 LCQ20: Greening Master Plans
10/06/2009 LCQ5: Inspection and caring of trees
03/06/2009 LCQ3: Rental concession for short term tenancies of government land
27/05/2009 LCQ19: Applications for construction of small houses
20/05/2009 LCQ15: Addition or alteration works in private buildings
20/05/2009 LCQ1: Lift works
13/05/2009 LCQ6: Property development projects at Nam Cheong and Yuen Long Stations

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