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13/12/2017 LCQ15: Information on housing sites
13/12/2017 LCQ5: Construction of footbridges and pedestrian subways in Kowloon East
06/12/2017 LCQ9: Land available for Village Type Development
29/11/2017 LCQ18: Supply of residential units and sites for residential developments
15/11/2017 LCQ20: Compensation for factory operators of the former Wah Kai Industrial Centre
10/11/2017 SDEV's speech on Motion of Thanks in respect of CE's 2017 Policy Address (Debate Session 4) (Chinese Only)
08/11/2017 LCQ12: Information on residential sites
01/11/2017 LCQ3: Resumption of land in the New Territories for housing development
01/11/2017 LCQ8: Restrictions on extension of squatters and erection of agricultural structures for agricultural uses
01/11/2017 LCQ14: Building Safety
01/11/2017 LCQ19: Monitoring of minor works carried out in private residential buildings
25/10/2017 LCQ13: Statistics and allocation of the rehousing flats of Urban Renewal Authority
18/10/2017 LCQ11: Rezoning "Village Type Development" sites for residential development
18/10/2017 LCQ17: Safety of glass doors
12/07/2017 LCQ3: Studies on two sites on the periphery of country parks
12/07/2017 LCQ19: Cladding material used on buildings
05/07/2017 LCQ20: Infrastructure projects in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and cost control of public works
05/07/2017 LCQ7: Incidents of water mains burst
28/06/2017 LCQ18: Statistics on agricultural lands and development plans
28/06/2017 LCQ21: Study on two sites on the periphery of country parks

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