Date Subject
26/01/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on public open spaces (Chinese only)
22/01/2010 Temporary suspension of fresh water supply to Mid-Levels
21/01/2010 Government to legislate for mandatory building and window inspection schemes (with videos)
21/01/2010 Lower compulsory sale application threshold for three classes of land lot (with videos)
21/01/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on mandatory building/window inspection schemes and lowering of compulsory sale application threshold (Chinese only)
20/01/2010 LCQ3: Revitalisation of industrial buildings
20/01/2010 LCQ7: Temporary structures
16/01/2010 Speech of Secretary for Development at Kwun Tong Promenade (KTP) Stage 1 opening ceremony(Chinese only)
16/01/2010 Harbourfront promenade opened in Kwun Tong (with photos)
16/01/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on land in Tseung Kwan O (Chinese only)
13/01/2010 Delegation of Antiquities Advisory Board and Advisory Committee on Revitalisation of Historic Buildings visits Guangzhou (with photo)
13/01/2010 LCQ11: The site adjacent to Sunny Bay MTR Station
12/01/2010 LDAC considers merits of three land development projects
09/01/2010 District Councils exchange views on urban regeneration (with photo)
06/01/2010 LCQ18: Operation Building Bright
06/01/2010 LCQ6: Implementation of infrastructure projects

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development