New Programme to sustain slope safety in 2010

The Geotechnical Engineering Office of the Civil Engineering and Development Department will launch a long-term Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme in 2010 to sustain slope safety following the completion of the current phase of the Landslip Preventive Measures Programme .

The Head of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Mr Raymond Chan today (November 29) pointed out that the Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme was aimed at containing landslide risk through upgrading of man-made slopes on a rolling basis and systematic mitigation of risk from natural hillsides with known hazards on existing developments to ensure public safety and achieve sustainable development.

It is estimated that the annual expenditure of the long-term programme will be about $600 million with an output of:

(a) upgrading 150 government man-made slope;
(b) conducting safety-screening studies for 100 private man-made slopes;
(c) implementing risk mitigation works for 30 natural hillside catchments.

The current Landslip Preventive Measures programme was introduced in 1977 to deal with substandard man-made slopes affecting developments. Upon the completion of the current programme in 2010, all high-risk man-made slopes affecting major roads and developments will have been dealt with, and the overall landslide risk will be substantially reduced.

Mr Chan added that the remaining landslide risks would mainly come from those man-made slopes with moderate risk, and natural hillside catchments with a known history of failure, locating close to existing buildings and important transport corridors.

Since the landslide risk will increase with time due to slope degradation and encroachment of more urban development on steep hillsides, a long-term landslip prevention programme has to be implemented.

In conjunction with the long-term programme, the Geotechnical Engineering Office will continue to control the standard of new slopes, provide public education to maintain public awareness of landslide risk and issue of landslip warnings. All government slopes will be regularly maintained to minimise degradation and landscape treatment will be provided to improve the slope appearance.

Ends/Thursday, November 29, 2007
Issued at HKT 20:20