Land and Building Advisory Committee briefed on Sustainable Development document

The Land and Building Advisory Committee (LBAC) was briefed on the Council for Sustainable Development's "Invitation and Response" document on "Sustainable Development: Making Choices for Our Future" at a meeting today (September 20).

"Noting that the consultation document aims to solicit public views on how our city should develop from a sustainable development perspective, members generally appreciate the council's effort in starting public discussions through an engagement process. They are looking forward to the early formulation and implementation of a sustainable development strategy for Hong Kong," committee chairman Professor Yeung Yue-man said after the meeting.

"Members' discussion focused on urban living space, one of the three pilot areas identified by the council. Members consider that the three options for enhancing urban living space, namely, New Territories-based development, revitalisation of old neighbourhoods and sustainable urban design, are not mutually exclusive and there are prices to pay in each option. Members generally think that the best strategy may be a combination of the three options," Professor Yeung added.

The committee was also briefed on the progress of the study on Comprehensive Environmental Performance Assessment Scheme (CEPAS) commissioned by the Buildings Department, which aims to entice the industry and building owners to upgrade the environmental performance of buildings in Hong Kong.

The committee also noted the findings of the Thematic Household Survey 2003 - Hong Kong Residents' Experience of and Aspirations for Taking Up Residence in the Mainland of China commissioned by the Planning Department.

Ends/Monday, September 20, 2004