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There are two approved lists of public works contractors, namely:

  1. the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works (the List); and
  2. the List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works (the Specialist List).

The List comprises contractors who are approved for carrying out public works in one or more of the five major categories of building and civil engineering works, i.e. "Buildings", "Port Works", "Roads & Drainage", "Site Formation" and "Waterworks". The Specialist List comprises suppliers/specialist contractors who are approved for carrying out works in one or more of the 50 categories of specialist works.

Contractors are required to meet the financial, technical and management criteria for admission and retention on the approved lists and for the award of public works contracts.

Details of the approved lists and applications for admission are contained in the Lists of Public Works Contractors and Applications as Public Works Contractors sections respectively.

Rules for administration of the approved lists and procedures for performance reporting are included in the Contractor Management Handbook - Revision B.

The Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme has been implemented since April 1995 to recognise public works contractors for their considerate attitude in carrying out construction works.

The Helping Business Programme has been set up such that developers and authorised persons may now employ approved contractors to carry out all or any of the following works:

  1. connection to the public drainage/sewage system;
  2. provision of water supply connection; and
  3. construction of run-ins and repair of damaged footpaths

Temporary Works Excellence Award 2017 is to recognise excellence of construction professionals at the design and execution of temporary works that contribute to the exemplary performance in safety of the projects.