The importance of providing sufficient land for development cannot be over-stressed.  The land supply of over 7,000 hectares (ha) as proposed in the final report of the “Hong Kong 2030+ : Towards a Planning Vision and Strategy Transcending 2030” exceeds the estimated land demand for 2019-48 by about 1,000 ha.  But we will not stop there.  We will continue to identify more land development opportunities, the new round of Green Belt review being a case in point.

To illustrate the Government’s efforts in land creation and facilitate monitoring of progress, we have formulated a forecast of 10-year supply of developable land (i.e. spade-ready sites) made available by the Government (see below).  The forecast will be updated on a yearly basis.

With the Government’s substantial and sustained efforts of land production, we will see a major reversal of the situation of stringent supply in the past.  In the next 10 years (i.e. 2023-24 to 2032-33), the supply of spade-ready sites will reach 3,280 ha and show an upward trend, from 110 ha in the first year to some 480 ha in 2032-33.  New Development Areas (NDAs) are the key sources of supply in these 10 years, with Tung Chung New Town Extension being the chief source in the early years, to be succeeded by Kwu Tung North, Fanling North, Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long South and San Tin/Lok Ma Chau NDAs in the Northern Metropolis.  In the medium to longer term there will also be supply of developable land from reclamation for Kau Yi Chau artificial islands and Tseung Kwan O Area 137.

10-Year Supply Forecast of Developable Land Last Update

10-Year Supply Forecast of Developable Land (2023-24 to 2032-33)


The Government will ensure timely delivery of land for public housing development in the coming five years to meet the demand for the public housing production in the 6th to 10th years under the Long Term Housing Strategy.  Please see below for information of the sites concerned.

Sites for Public Housing Development Estimated to be Completed in the 6th to 10th Years Under the Long Term Housing Strategy Last Update

Sites for Public Housing Development Estimated to be Completed from 2028-29 to 2032-33


For information on public housing production forecast of 2022-23 and 2023-24 to 2027-28, please refer to the Housing Bureau’s website