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 Text Version Deputy Secretary (Works) 3 - Francis Chau Works Division 3 Head of PSGO John Kwong Secretary for Development - Michael Wong Under Secretary for Development - Liu Chun-san Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands) - Ms Bernadette Linn Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) - S.H. Lam Planning and Lands Branch Works Branch Legal Advisory Division (Works) Project Strategy and Governance Office (PSGO) Planning Division Urban Renewal and Buildings Division Lands Division Works Division 1 Works Division 2 Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) Legal Adviser (Works) - Louie Wong Head of EKEO - Ms Amy Cheung Deputy Secretary (Works) 2 - Vincent Mak Deputy Secretary (Works) 1 - Ms Angela Lee Deputy Secretary (Planning & Lands) 3 - Ms Sabrina Law Deputy Secretary (Planning & Lands) 2 - Ms Jenny Choi Deputy Secretary (Planning & Lands) 1 - Vic Yau Political Assistant to Secretary for Development - Allen Fung