Background and Objectives

To address the manpower shortage of the construction sector, the Government together with the construction industry and the labour sector have been adopting a multi-pronged approach, which focuses on enhancing training and encouraging the industry to adopt innovative technologies with a view to increasing the local manpower supply.  The Government launches the Labour Importation Scheme for the Construction Sector (“Construction Sector Scheme”) is a supplementary measure.  On the premise of safeguarding the employment priority for local workers, it allows importation of labour at an appropriate scale to fill in the temporary manpower gap, so as to avoid any bottleneck caused by manpower shortage to the economic and infrastructural development of Hong Kong.

Main Features of the Scheme

The Construction Sector Scheme has the following key features –

Eligibility for Application

1)Eligible Applicants

Applications for importation quota should be submitted by the principal contractor of eligible works contract.

2)Labour to be imported under the Construction Sector Scheme

of the eligible trades/disciplines as promulgated by the Development Bureau (DEVB) at the designated webpages of the Construction Sector Scheme.

3)Eligible Works Contracts

Application results

Please click here for the application results of the Scheme.

The Scheme is open for application on a quarterly basis.  The third round will be open for application from 1 January to 31 January 2024.

Application and Enquiry

Reference Materials

  1. A briefing session was held by the DEVB for the construction sector on 9 October 2023 to share the common findings identified in the 2023 first round application and to highlight the key points that applicants should pay special attention to. Applicant may download the Powerpoint slides of this briefing session. (Chinese only)
  2. Anti-corruption Materials

Points to Note

Applicants must –

  1. conduct local recruitment within four months preceding the date of application for importation quota.  The local recruitment should be conducted through the channels specified in the “Guidance Notice for Application for Labour Importation Quota”, and that the salary of the post(s) under recruitment is/are no less than the prevailing median monthly wage level(s) of the relevant post(s) of local labour as promulgated by DEVB.  Details are available in the “Guidance Notice for Application for Labour Importation Quota” and other relevant documents in the table above; and
  2. make prior accommodation arrangement for the imported labour, applicants are required to provide the address(es) of the accommodation arranged for the imported labour in the application form.  If applicants/employers arrange accommodation for their imported labour within Hong Kong, they can opt for the designated quarter(s) for the purpose of the Construction Sector Scheme or on-site quarter(s) provided by and at construction sites of the applicants.  Please call our enquiry hotline for more details on the arrangement for the designated quarters and on-site quarters.

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