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ISO 9000 Certification

In order to enhance quality management in public works construction, this Bureau requires certain groups of consultants and contractors to obtain quality management system certification. Currently certificates issued under the rules of the Hong Kong Certification Body Accreditation Scheme operated by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) or equivalent are accepted. The list of certification bodies accredited by the HKAS is available at


The HKAS has entered into reciprocal agreement with the following accreditation bodies, and these are accepted as equivalent to HKAS:



Ethical Commitment

A consultant or contractor shall be responsible for the good behaviour of his employees, agents and sub-consultants/sub-contractors in relation to any public works consultancy or contract under his control. The consultant or contractor shall advise his employees, agents or sub-consultants/sub-contractors that they are not allowed to offer or give any advantage or excessive entertainment to any of the Government employees or members of their family, or to solicit or accept any advantage or excessive entertainment from other employees, agents or sub-consultants/ sub-contractors in relation to the works under any public works consultancy or contract.