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18/11/2020 LCQ6: Vetting and approval procedures for development projects
11/11/2020 LCQ16: Supply of and demand for commercial sites and office space
11/11/2020 LCQ11: Prevention of flooding in the rural areas
11/11/2020 LCQ15: Cycle track networks and cycling economy
11/11/2020 LCQ22: Assisting certain professional sectors and their practitioners
04/11/2020 LCQ1: Anti-epidemic work in private buildings
04/11/2020 LCQ8: Squatter structures and agricultural structures
28/10/2020 LCQ10: A site originally reserved for the Hong Kong Disneyland
28/10/2020 LCQ9: New Territories North Development
28/10/2020 LCQ22: Dangerous, abandoned and unauthorised signboards
28/10/2020 LCQ13: Overflowing of reservoirs
15/07/2020 LCQ10: Common Spatial Data Infrastructure
15/07/2020 LCQ21: Measures to increase land supply
15/07/2020 LCQ7: Reactivation of the scheme for revitalisation of industrial buildings
08/07/2020 LCQ2: Contraventions relating to residences or properties of public officers
08/07/2020 LCQ17: Statistics on the work of the Urban Renewal Authority
08/07/2020 LCQ20: Redevelopment projects implemented by Urban Renewal Authority
08/07/2020 LCQ10: Minor Works Control System
24/06/2020 LCQ17: Illegal conversion of car parking spaces into shops
24/06/2020 LCQ14: Public housing development projects

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