Date Subject
18/05/2023 Closing remarks by USDEV on motion on " Improving the transport networks of the New Territories to cater for the development of the Northern Metropolis" (Chinese only)
17/05/2023 LCQ2: Implementation of public works projects
17/05/2023 LCQ7: Community Liaison Teams
03/05/2023 LCQ7: Northern Metropolis
03/05/2023 LCQ22: Water main burst incidents
03/05/2023 SDEV's speech on resumption of the Second Reading debate on Appropriation Bill 2023 (Chinese only)
26/04/2023 LCQ6: Modular Integrated Construction method
19/04/2023 LCQ19: Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands
19/04/2023 LCQ8: Missing lots in the New Territories
13/04/2023 Opening remarks by SDEV on works policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
13/04/2023 Opening remarks by SDEV on planning and lands policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
29/03/2023 LCQ22: Average living space per person
15/03/2023 LCQ13: Manpower supply and demand for construction industry
15/02/2023 LCQ5: Traffic and transport network of Lantau
08/02/2023 LCQ7: Invigorating Island South initiative
08/02/2023 LCQ13: Combating bid-rigging
08/02/2023 LCQ16: Enhancing tendering system for public works projects
18/01/2023 LCQ5: Development planning for Ex-Lamma Quarry Area
18/01/2023 LCQ17: Redevelopment of urban squatter areas
18/01/2023 LCQ8: Development planning for area around Ting Lai Road near Nam Hang Tsuen, Tai Po

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