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06/11/2019 LCQ20: Optimal use of government and private sites
26/06/2019 LCQ8: Supply of water to Hong Kong
26/06/2019 LCQ3: Flood prevention in the New Territories
19/06/2019 LCQ19: Projects to improve pedestrian and traffic networks in Kowloon East
05/06/2019 LCQ17: Planning standards for car parking spaces, markets and social welfare facilities
05/06/2019 LCQ11: Engagement of land surveying personnel
05/06/2019 LCQ18: Preparation for and follow-up work after the onslaught of typhoons
29/05/2019 LCQ11: Work of Urban Renewal Authority
22/05/2019 LCQ1: Conservation of the stilt houses at Tai O
22/05/2019 LCQ8: Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme
15/05/2019 LCQ8: The Government's greening efforts
15/05/2019 LCQ7: Land supply options recommended by the Task Force on Land Supply
08/05/2019 LCQ9: Small House Policy
08/05/2019 LCQ5: Land Sharing Pilot Scheme
08/05/2019 SDEV's speech on resumption of the Second Reading debate on Appropriation Bill 2019 (Chinese only)
08/05/2019 LCQ18: Monitoring quality of major public works projects
11/04/2019 SDEV's opening remarks on planning and lands policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting (Chinese only)
11/04/2019 SDEV's opening remarks on works policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting (Chinese only)
03/04/2019 LCQ6: Redevelopment of old areas
03/04/2019 LCQ14: Manpower situation of the construction industry

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