Date Subject
29/09/2021 LCQ14: Statistics on private development projects
29/09/2021 LCQ12: Provision of infrastructure
29/09/2021 LCQ22: Modular Integrated Construction method
29/09/2021 LCQ15: Common Spatial Data Infrastructure
29/09/2021 LCQ13: Hong Kong Club
29/09/2021 LCQ16: Flooding problem in New Territories North
15/09/2021 LCQ4: Diamond Hill Fresh Water and Salt Water Service Reservoirs site
08/09/2021 LCQ7: Flooding problem in New Territories North
01/09/2021 LCQ4: Repealing the provision on adverse possession
01/09/2021 LCQ19: Housing development projects in Yuen Long District
01/09/2021 Acting SDEV's opening remarks at LegCo's motion on "Proposed resolution under the Buildings Ordinance" (Chinese only)
01/09/2021 LCQ9: Statistics on applications for compulsory sale order
21/07/2021 LCQ9: Sites for public housing
21/07/2021 LCQ22: Tree management work
15/07/2021 USDEV's closing remarks at LegCo's motion on "Reforming the housing policy to resolve the housing problem" (Chinese only)
23/06/2021 LCQ5: Green features of new residential buildings
23/06/2021 LCQ10: Expediting implementation of public housing projects
23/06/2021 LCQ2: Tendering arrangements for public works projects
23/06/2021 LCQ9: Pest problem of Phauda flammans
16/06/2021 LCQ5: A site in Area 137 of Tseung Kwan O

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