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24/09/2010 Response to injury by fallen twig on Cheung Hong Street, North Point
24/09/2010 Secretary for Development studies underground space development in Oslo (with photos)
20/09/2010 Secretary for Development to visit Oslo in Norway
17/09/2010 Bell from former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower returns home (with photo)
17/09/2010 Public consultation launched on new landscape of Central Government Offices
15/09/2010 Secretary for Development's speech at the press conference on the second batch of the Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme (Chinese only)
15/09/2010 Creative proposals selected under Batch II of Revitalisation Scheme (with photo/video)
04/09/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on land supply (Chinese only)
30/08/2010 Secretary for Development attends Ningbo-HK Economic Co-operation Forum (with photo)
30/08/2010 Secretary for Development speaks at 2010 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Co-operation Forum (Chinese only)
18/08/2010 Acting Financial Secretary speaks on land supply (Chinese only)
24/07/2010 Secretary for Development speaks on flooding in Tai Po (Chinese only)
23/07/2010 Government and construction sector join hands to attract new blood into the industry (with photo)
22/07/2010 LDAC considers merits of four land development projects
17/07/2010 Secretary for Development's remarks at LegCo's motion debate on tree collapse incidents (Chinese only)
14/07/2010 LCQ13: Removal of dangerous and abandoned signboards
14/07/2010 LCQ14: Building Covenant
07/07/2010 LCQ15: Repair and rebuilding of squatter huts
07/07/2010 LCQ3: Tree collapse incident
07/07/2010 LCQ17: Tree inspection

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