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02/03/2011 LCQ8: New requirement for approval of general building plans
01/03/2011 SDEV to visit Seoul
28/02/2011 Appointments to the new Expert Panel on Tree Management and the Community Involvement Committee on Greening
28/02/2011 SDEV visits Construction Industry Employees General Union (with photos)
24/02/2011 Government announces 2011-12 Land Sale Programme (with video)
24/02/2011 Government proposes additional billion dollars for Operation Building Bright
24/02/2011 LDAC briefed on Budget initiatives
24/02/2011 Six West Rail property projects to be redesigned to meet new building design requirements (with video)
19/02/2011 Secretary for Development visits Guangzhou urban development projects (with photos)
18/02/2011 SDEV visits urban developments and historic buildings in Guangzhou (with photos)
17/02/2011 Breakthrough at Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel (with photos)
17/02/2011 Secretary for Development speaks at the Tunnel Breakthrough Ceremony of Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel (Chinese only)
17/02/2011 SDEV to visit Guangzhou
16/02/2011 LCQ10: Operation Building Bright
16/02/2011 LCQ7: Total Water Management Strategy
14/02/2011 URA's Managing Director reappointed
04/02/2011 Secretary for Development celebrates Chinese New Year with singleton elders and welfare service users (with photos)
31/01/2011 Government committed to promoting quality and sustainable buildings in Hong Kong
28/01/2011 Ho Tung Gardens declared proposed monument
27/01/2011 Pilot Mediation Scheme and Outreach Support Service for Elderly Owners launched (with photos)

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