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22/04/2020 LCQ19: Supply and demand for and training of land surveyors
22/04/2020 LCQ13: Road safety involving roadside trees
22/04/2020 LCQ5: New transport infrastructure for Kowloon East
17/04/2020 Government to sell site in Ap Lei Chau by public tender
08/04/2020 SDEV's opening remarks on planning and lands policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting (Chinese only)
08/04/2020 SDEV's opening remarks on works policy areas at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting (Chinese only)
27/02/2020 Government announces 2020-21 Land Sale Programme (with photos/video)
27/02/2020 Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on 2020-21 Land Sale Programme (Chinese only)
27/02/2020 LCQ20: Planning and development of Kowloon City district
26/02/2020 LCQ16: Vacant government sites managed by Lands Department
04/02/2020 Appointments to Lantau Development Advisory Committee announced
18/01/2020 Lantau Development Advisory Committee holds 14th meeting
17/01/2020 Appointments to Construction Industry Council announced
16/01/2020 Hong Kong 2020 International Urban Forestry Conference opens (with photos)
15/01/2020 LCQ4: Operations on brownfield sites
15/01/2020 LCQ15: Revitalisation scheme for industrial buildings
15/01/2020 LCQ16: Development of a "Sponge City"
14/01/2020 SDEV continues visit to Singapore (with photos)
13/01/2020 SDEV begins visit to Singapore (with photos)
11/01/2020 SDEV to visit Singapore

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