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29/05/2015 SDEV addresses 21st Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme Award Presentation Ceremony (Chinese only)
28/05/2015 Guangdong and Hong Kong Governments celebrate 50th anniversary of Dongjiang water supply to Hong Kong (with photos)
27/05/2015 Qigong performance by more than 100 workers launches Construction Safety Week (with photos)
27/05/2015 Speech by SDEV at launch ceremony and qigong competition of Construction Safety Week 2015 (Chinese only)
21/05/2015 Surveying progress on large metal object found at Wan Chai Development Phase II area
21/05/2015 Speech by SDEV at the annual reception of ZCB Ambassador Scheme (Chinese only)
20/05/2015 LCQ4: Regulation of the operation of children activity centres
14/05/2015 Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on "Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong's Built Environment 2015~2025 +" (Chinese only)
05/05/2015 Opening remarks by Secretary for Development at the Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Council (English translation)
02/05/2015 SDEV reaches out to the public on universal suffrage proposals (Chinese only)
29/04/2015 LCQ13: Mini-storages in industrial buildings
29/04/2015 LCQ6: Reclaimed water produced by sewage treatment facilities
22/04/2015 LCQ10: Land use and survey as well as publication of land information
15/04/2015 LCQ8: Assisting farmers affected by resumption of agricultural lands to relocate their farms
15/04/2015 LCQ3: Tender exercises for capital works projects
15/04/2015 LCQ5: Spalling of bitumen protective inner coatings of fresh water pipes
01/04/2015 SDEV's speaking notes on planning and lands policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
01/04/2015 SDEV's speaking notes on works policy areas tabled at LegCo Finance Committee special meeting
25/03/2015 LCQ11: Shortage of technical personnel in electrical and mechanical works under construction industry
25/03/2015 LCQ15: Supply of construction workers

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