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31/12/2012 Information on private columbaria updated
25/12/2012 Development Bureau clarifies media report on housing land for private residential developments
24/12/2012 Government announces land sale programme for January to March 2013
24/12/2012 SDEV speaks on land sale programme for January to March 2013
16/12/2012 Lifts and Escalators Ordinance to come into full operation tomorrow (with photos)
16/12/2012 SDEV's speech at Lifts and Escalators Ordinance Launching Ceremony
16/12/2012 Transcript of remarks by SDEV
14/12/2012 SDEV attends "Asia's World City: New Government, New Development" seminar in Shanghai (with photos)
12/12/2012 LCQ3: Revitalisation of industrial buildings
12/12/2012 LCQ5: House 4 at No. 4 Peel Rise
12/12/2012 SDEV to visit Shanghai
10/12/2012 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Task Force on Boundary District Development holds ninth meeting (with photos)
09/12/2012 Speech by SDEV at the awards presentation ceremony of "Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2012" (Chinese only)
09/12/2012 Transcript of SDEV's media session (Chinese only)
05/12/2012 LCQ13: Enforcement against unauthorised building works
05/12/2012 LCQ14: Safety of Windows and Curtain Wall
05/12/2012 LCQ15: North East New Territories New Development Areas
05/12/2012 LCQ16: Guidelines on Wage Payment Monitoring and Reimbursement of Contractor's and Sub-contractors' MPF Contributions for their Site Personnel
04/12/2012 Opening remarks by SDEV at the press conference on matters concerning the West Wing of the former Central Government Offices and Ho Tung Gardens (with video)
30/11/2012 Transcript of SDEV's remarks in Beijing (Chinese only)

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