Date Subject
01/12/2010 LCQ15: Government, institution or community facilities sites
01/12/2010 LCQ14: Buildings safety
01/12/2010 LCQ12: Small house policy
01/12/2010 LCQ10: Fung shui compensatory works
01/12/2010 LCQ1: Government Explosives Depots
28/11/2010 Fiesta in Victoria Park features slope safety (with photos)
27/11/2010 Speech by SDEV at Hong Kong Geography Day 2010 (English only)
24/11/2010 Extension of public consultation on new landscape of Central Government Offices
24/11/2010 Government announces grant of additional land for the construction of additional premises by the OCMFA in the HKSAR
24/11/2010 LCQ12: Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) (Specification of Lower Percentage) Notice
23/11/2010 Development Bureau's statement on Former Marine Police Headquarters site
22/11/2010 Development Bureau's response to Information on Private Columbaria
22/11/2010 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Task Force on Boundary District Development holds fifth meeting
19/11/2010 SDEV visits Tuen Mun
15/11/2010 Secretary for Development's speech at the press conference on the transformation of Former Police Married Quarters Site on Hollywood Road into a Creative Industries Landmark (Chinese only)
15/11/2010 Transformation of Former Police Married Quarters into "PMQ" (with photos/video)
12/11/2010 Four historic buildings declared monuments (with photos)
10/11/2010 Speech by SDEV at MIPIM Asia 2010 (English only) (with photos)
09/11/2010 Exhibition staged on New Landscape of Central Government Offices
06/11/2010 Speech by Secretary for Development (English only)

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