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27/03/2009 Government announces mode of operation of minor works control system
27/03/2009 Secretary for Development's speaking notes tabled at Legislative Council Special Finance Committee Meeting (Planning and Lands)
25/03/2009 Delegation to Shanghai for urban renewal study
25/03/2009 Idea Shop to facilitate sharing of views on urban renewal strategy (with photo)
24/03/2009 Development Bureau holds Career Expo (with photos)
24/03/2009 Speech by Financial Secretary at the opening ceremony of Career Expo "Infrastructure: Building Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow" (Chinese only)
23/03/2009 Secretary for Development attends Infrastructure Summit in Singapore (with photo)
20/03/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on 2009-10 Application List (Chinese only)
20/03/2009 Government announces 2009-10 Application List
19/03/2009 Completion of the assessment of 1,444 historic buildings announced
19/03/2009 Secretary for Development visits Yuen Long(with photos)
18/03/2009 LCQ13: Lands Resumption Ordinance
18/03/2009 LCQ9: Water supply in remote villages in the New Territories
16/03/2009 Secretary for Development visits construction site in North Point (with photos)
14/03/2009 Secretary for Development speaks about Career Expo
14/03/2009 Government dedicated to promoting greening works (With photo)
12/03/2009 Land and Building Advisory Committee welcomes establishment of the Development Opportunities Office
11/03/2009 LCQ17: Cycle tracks network
11/03/2009 LCQ14: A site adjacent to Sunny Bay MTR Station
06/03/2009 Secretary for Development meets with Minister for National Development of Singapore (with photos)

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