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25/05/2011 LCQ11: Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme
25/05/2011 LCQ5: Wong Wai Tsak Tong of Cheung Chau
25/05/2011 LCQ8: Water seepage/leakage in buildings
24/05/2011 SDEV to visit Xian and Luoyang
23/05/2011 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Task Force on Boundary District Development holds sixth meeting (with photo)
18/05/2011 LCQ4: Expansion project of Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
18/05/2011 LCQ5: Unauthorised building works in village houses in New Territories
16/05/2011 Secretary for Development speaks on unauthorised building works in NT (Chinese only)
15/05/2011 Secretary for Development speaks on unauthorised building works in NT
12/05/2011 SDEV visits Wan Chai District (with photos)
11/05/2011 LCQ1: Private property developments
11/05/2011 LCQ15: Landslide risk of slopes in Hong Kong
11/05/2011 LegCo : Speech by SDEV on the second reading of the Lifts and Escalators Bill
09/05/2011 Construction industry to further enhance safety and image (with photos)
09/05/2011 Secretary for Development speaks at Considerate Contractors Site Award Scheme 2010 (Chinese only)
04/05/2011 LCQ20: Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment)(Specification of Lower Percentage) Notice
04/05/2011 LCQ8: Public open space in private developments
27/04/2011 SDEV exchanges views with youth on heritage conservation (with photo)
13/04/2011 LCQ13: Small house applications at villages near Tung Chung
13/04/2011 LCQ4: The Lee Garden Land

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