Date Subject
15/06/2011 LCQ9: Unauthorised Building Works
13/06/2011 SDEV speaks on unauthorised building works in New Territories Exempted Houses
11/06/2011 Secretary for Development speaks on land supply (Chinese only)
10/06/2011 Government announces land sale programme for July to September
10/06/2011 SDEV speaks on land sale programme
09/06/2011 Chief Executive visits potential sites for reclamation and cavern development (with photos/videos)
08/06/2011 LCQ18: Harbourfront areas along the northern shore of Hong Kong Island
08/06/2011 LCQ19: Female toilet facilities
08/06/2011 LCQ2: Unauthorised building works
08/06/2011 SDEV speaks about unauthorised building works
01/06/2011 LCQ1: Sub-division of flat units
01/06/2011 LCQ13: Wong Chuk Hang Business Area
01/06/2011 LCQ17: Unauthorised building works
01/06/2011 LCQ18: Incidents of fresh water mains burst
30/05/2011 SDEV visits heritage projects in Zhengzhou and Luoyang (with photos)
28/05/2011 SDEV attends 2011 Mainland and Hong Kong Construction Industry Forum in Luoyang (with photos)
28/05/2011 SDEV's speech at opening ceremony of 2011 Mainland and Hong Kong Construction Industry Forum (Chinese only)
27/05/2011 Appointments to Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum
26/05/2011 SDEV visits Hong Kong Garden at Xian International Horticultural Expo (with photos)
25/05/2011 LCQ10: Measures to control "inflated buildings"

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