Date Subject
27/01/2011 Secretary for Development speaks on Pilot Mediation Scheme and Outreach Support Service for Elderly Owners (Chinese only)
25/01/2011 Secretary for Development speaks about declaration of Ho Tung Gardens as proposed monument (Chinese only) (with pictures)
19/01/2011 LCQ4: Direct Land Grant
17/01/2011 Registered lift contractor and lift engineer fined
14/01/2011 Secretary for Development speaks at Lui Seng Chun Project Launching Ceremony (Chinese only)
12/01/2011 LCQ12: Operation Building Bright
12/01/2011 LCQ18: Plans deposited in the Land Registry
12/01/2011 LCQ5: Registration of minor works contractors
12/01/2011 LCQ7: Nam Sang Wai development project
05/01/2011 LCQ11: Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance
05/01/2011 LCQ7: District Urban Renewal Forums

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