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30/04/2009 Resumption of land for revitalisation of Blue House Cluster gazetted
29/04/2009 LCQ10: Measures to relieve unemployment in the construction industry
29/04/2009 LCQ5: Contamination of water in the Shenzhen Reservoir
28/04/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on the establishment of Development Opportunities Office (Chinese only)
27/04/2009 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Task Force on Boundary District Development holds third meeting (with photos)
24/04/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on "Operation Building Bright"
20/04/2009 Chief Secretary for Administration inspects tree management works (With photos/video)
20/04/2009 Organisations invited to join partnering programme for Urban Renewal Strategy Review
18/04/2009 Youngsters support heritage conservation through painting (with photos)
09/04/2009 Mainland and Hong Kong Construction Industry Forum held in Chengdu
09/04/2009 Secretary for Development's speech at the opening ceremony of the "2009 Mainland and Hong Kong Construction Industry Forum" (Chinese only)
08/04/2009 Project Co-operation Arrangements on Sichuan projects signed(With photos)
08/04/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on Sichuan reconstruction works at the signing ceremony of Project Co-operation Arrangements (Chinese Only)
03/04/2009 Secretary for Development to attend construction industry forum in Chengdu
01/04/2009 LCQ18: Uses of Tin Wan Praya Road sites
01/04/2009 LCQ16: Shek O Quarry
01/04/2009 LCQ9: Vacant government sites
01/04/2009 LCQ5: Existing land use and planned land use
31/03/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on Operation Building Bright (Chinese only)
27/03/2009 Secretary for Development's speaking notes tabled at the Legislative Council Special Finance Committee Meeting (Works)

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