Date Subject
29/03/2018 Information on private columbaria updated
29/03/2018 Appointment of Town Planning Board members
28/03/2018 LCQ4: Compensations and rehousing for residents affected by North East New Territories NDAs Planning
27/03/2018 Non-in-situ land exchange for No. 23 Coombe Road approved by Executive Council
23/03/2018 Government to sell site in Kai Tak by public tender
20/03/2018 Lands Department follows up on the telephone exchanges in breach of uses specified in land lease
08/03/2018 Hong Kong signs MOU with UK on expertise and experience exchange in implementing infrastructure projects (with photos)
07/03/2018 Tenders awarded for three petrol filling station sites
06/03/2018 Task Force on Land Supply holds eleventh meeting
01/03/2018 Opening remarks by SDEV at press conference on 2018-19 Land Sale Programme (Chinese only)
01/03/2018 Government announces 2018-19 Land Sale Programme
28/02/2018 LCQ20: Land requirement and supply
28/02/2018 LCQ18: Temporary government land allocations and short-term tenancies
28/02/2018 LCQ16: Arrangements for compulsory resumption of property titles for redevelopment projects
28/02/2018 LCQ5: Applications for water supply made by restaurants
15/02/2018 Waterworks (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 comes into force
13/02/2018 Task Force on Land Supply holds tenth meeting
09/02/2018 Government to sell site in Tsing Yi by public tender
08/02/2018 LC: Speech by SDEV in moving Waterworks (Amendment) Bill 2017 (Chinese only)
08/02/2018 LC: Speech by SDEV on Second Reading of Waterworks (Amendment) Bill 2017 (Chinese only)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development