Date Subject
15/10/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on optimising the use of private industrial buildings (Chinese only)
15/10/2009 New measures proposed for redevelopment and conversion of industrial buildings (with video)
15/10/2009 Open day of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works
15/10/2009 Whirlpool maintenance offer on dehumidifier models (with photos)
12/10/2009 Wider adoption of Dispute Resolution Advisors in public works projects
12/10/2009 Secretary for Development's speech at Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum (English only)
07/10/2009 Roving exhibitions to celebrate CEDD's fifth anniversary
30/09/2009 Government determined to enhance construction site safety
30/09/2009 Partial uplifting of Pokfulam Moratorium facilitates preservation of Jessville
30/09/2009 Registered lift contractor fined for lift incident
30/09/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on construction safety(Chinese only)
29/09/2009 Contract awarded for Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A (with photo)
27/09/2009 Guided tour explores centenary waterworks monuments (with photo)
24/09/2009 Development Bureau clarifies the conditions of sale for Ma On Shan Area 77
24/09/2009 October adjustment in auto LPG ceiling prices
24/09/2009 Secretary for Development visits Ngong Ping (with photos)
23/09/2009 Contract for replacement and rehabilitation of water mains in East Kowloon awarded (with photo)
21/09/2009 Secretary for Development's opening speech at seminar on Regional Planning in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region (Chinese Only)
18/09/2009 41 waterworks structures declared monuments (with photos)
15/09/2009 Roving exhibitions to celebrate CEDD's fifth anniversary

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development