Date Subject
03/11/2009 Development Bureau's response to Society for Protection of the Harbour's press release
03/11/2009 Contract awarded for Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A (with photo)
30/10/2009 Government thanks Council for Sustainable Development
29/10/2009 Secretary for the Environment's speech on Motion of Thanks in respect of Chief Executive's Policy Address (Chinese only)
29/10/2009 Temporary suspension of flushing water supply to Eastern District
28/10/2009 Secretary for Development's speech at HKCA conference (English only)
28/10/2009 LCQ10: Hong Kong 2030 Study: Planning Vision and Strategy
28/10/2009 EMS Trading Fund reports growth and stability
28/10/2009 LCQ8: Planting trees
27/10/2009 Secretary for Development's remarks at LegCo Development Panel meeting on "optimising the use of industrial buildings to meet Hong Kong's changing economic and social needs" (Chinese only)
27/10/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on 'Conserving Central' (Chinese only)
26/10/2009 Temporary suspension of flushing water supply to Central and Western District
25/10/2009 Government's response to concern over property prices
22/10/2009 DEVB's statement on an industrial building project in Tai Kok Tsui
22/10/2009 November adjustment in auto LPG ceiling prices
21/10/2009 LCQ10: Incidents of water mains bursts
21/10/2009 Secretary for Development's opening speech at LegCo Development Panel meeting (Chinese only)
19/10/2009 Secretary for Development speaks on revitalising the Central Market(Chinese only)
17/10/2009 EMSD and industry jointly promote safety and energy efficiency
16/10/2009 Secretary for Development speaks about "Conserving Central" (with photo)

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Press Releases of Secretary for Development