BD's follow-up work on unauthorised building works at Villa De Mer, Tuen Mun

In response to media enquiries about the follow-up work on the unauthorised building works (UBWs) at House 4 of Villa De Mer, Tuen Mun, a spokesman for the Buildings Department (BD) today (January 22) gave the following reply:

Regarding the rectification works proposal and the proposed work programme submitted by the Authorized Person (AP) appointed by the owner of House 4 of Villa De Mer, the BD has replied to the AP that it accepted the AP's proposal to carry out minor works to demolish three of the four major UBWs announced earlier by the BD, namely the rooftop structure, the horizontal extension at the ground floor and the glass canopy beside the ground floor car park, and all other relatively small UBWs (see Note) to reinstate the house according to the approved plans.

Based on the work programme submitted by the AP, the above rectification works will take about two months to complete.

For the remaining major UBW (the basement below the ground floor), the AP is still required to provide more information regarding the demolition works for the BD's consideration, and related demolition works can only start after obtaining the BD's agreement.

In addition, while the door opening on the fence wall between House 4 and House 3 belongs to exempted works and does not contravene the Buildings Ordinance, the BD was informed that the AP would voluntarily reinstate this part in accordance with the approved plans.

The BD has reviewed the aerial photos taken at different times by the Lands Department. The records indicate that the rooftop structure, the horizontal extension, the glass canopy of House 4 and the relatively small UBWs which could be identified in the aerial photos were built before July 2008. As regards the basement of the house, the BD at this moment has no evidence showing when it was constructed. On this, the BD's investigation includes whether the basement is a common situation in other houses of this estate, whether it was built before the completion of the house, and whether any persons registered under the Buildings Ordinance were involved. The BD will announce its findings upon completion of its investigation.

Note: Other relatively small UBWs to be demolished include supporting frames for air-conditioners, additional partitions, glass protective barriers, a garden deck, a reinforced concrete cabinet, small canopies, a supporting antenna frame and cover screens.

Ends/Monday, January 22, 2018
Issued at HKT 18:40