LCQ12: Information on residential sites

Following is a question by the Hon Andrew Wan and a written reply by the Secretary for Development, Mr Michael Wong, in the Legislative Council today (November 8):


On September 29 this year, the Secretary for Development indicated that the Government had identified 210 sites that could be allocated for residential use in the short to medium term, and among which 25 sites had been identified recently. In this connection, will the Government set out in a table the (i) location, (ii) site area and (iii) original planned use of each site (and specify which of the sites were identified recently)?



My reply to the question raised by Hon Wan is as follows:

As part of the multi-pronged strategy to increase land supply, the Government has identified through on-going land use review in the last few years over 210 sites with housing development potential in the short to medium term, capable of providing over 310 000 flats in total (70% for public housing). These include 42 sites under the various initiatives to increase land supply as announced in the 2013 Policy Address (providing about 40 000 flats, over 60% for public housing), about 150 sites announced in the 2014 Policy Address (providing over 210 000 flats, over 70% for public housing), and the additional 26 sites announced in the Policy Address in January 2017 (providing over 60 000 flats, over 80% for public housing). The information of the some 210 sites are set out at the Annex.

As at early November 2017, among the some 210 sites, 103 had been zoned or rezoned for housing development, estimated to provide a total of about 122 200 flats (including about 74 900 public housing flats and about 47 300 private housing flats). Another 41 sites have their statutory rezoning procedures initiated, and subject to completion of the rezoning, these sites are estimated to provide a total of about 74 100 flats (including about 69 100 public housing flats and about 5 000 private housing flats). For the sites already allocated or rezoned for housing development, the relevant information including land area and flat number are set out in the relevant public documents of the Town Planning Board (TPB) (for details, please visit the TPB's website As for the remaining sites, pending the completion of technical studies, we will consult the District Councils and relevant stakeholders on the rezoning proposals setting out the relevant development details including land area and flat number, in accordance with the established procedures prior to submitting the proposals for the TPB's consideration.
Ends/Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Issued at HKT 14:50