SDEV speaks to the media

Following is the transcript of remarks by the Secretary for Development, Mr Michael Wong, at a media session after attending a radio programme today (September 10):

Reporter: Mr Wong, are there embarrassment surrounding the Ferris wheel caused by bad arrangements on the part of the Government in terms of tendering and the sudden suspension of operation and in particular in terms of the Government's decision to run it on a short-term contract? And also you have mentioned the possibility of building a bigger wheel as a permanent structure in future. Can you elaborate on that point?

Secretary for Development: Yes, on your second point, that's a possibility. That's not a suggestion. The point is, actually, right from the start the Ferris wheel in Central is a short-term measure, before the site along the waterfront of Central can be ready. The original idea is that there will be a promenade totalling about 20 hectares in that area. But the land is not available yet because some is still occupied as works sites. Before that, the Ferris wheel is put there as a short-term measure. What I was saying is, having listened to the views of the public this time, if the Harbourfront Commission takes the view, and if the Government also agrees that in the longer term there should be a Ferris wheel, then we have to ask a question, whether it is exactly the same Ferris wheel that we want for the future of Hong Kong? If you look at examples overseas, The London Eye for example, it is a much bigger operation. But then of course in Hong Kong we always subscribe to the idea that more beautiful doesn't mean bigger. So there is something we need to consider. And we do have time to consider because the current lease will run for three years. So we do have time before 2020 to consider the issue.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Sunday, September 10, 2017
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