LDAC briefed on North East New Territories New Development Areas Project and Kai Tak Fantasy

In its meeting today (August 6), the Land and Development Advisory Committee (LDAC) was briefed on the North East New Territories New Development Areas (NENT NDAs) Project by the Planning Department, Lands Department and Civil Engineering and Development Department, and on Kai Tak Fantasy (KTF) by the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO).

On the NENT NDAs Project, members noted the Government's decision to first proceed with the Kwu Tung North and Fanling North NDAs as extensions to the Fanling/Sheung Shui New Town. In particular, the development intensity of these two NDAs had been increased appropriately and the proportion of subsidised housing had been raised to 60 per cent to address concerns expressed at Public Engagement Stage 3 of the project.

Members also noted that the Government would adopt an enhanced Conventional New Town Approach and take the lead in implementing the two NDAs. Under the approach, private landowners would be allowed to apply for modification of lease (including in-situ land exchange) subject to meeting specified criteria.

Furthermore, members appreciated that, with a view to meeting the needs of the affected residents, there would be a special ex-gratia compensation package for eligible households affected by the project as well as the reservation of two local rehousing sites for accommodating those affected residents eligible for public housing. A special agricultural land rehabilitation scheme would also be introduced to assist affected farmers who wish to continue farming.

Members generally supported the NENT NDAs Project and agreed that it would help cater for Hong Kong's population growth and demand for housing and economic development. Members further agreed that the enhanced approach in developing the NDAs could help advance supply of land for housing and other purposes, but highlighted the importance of comprehensive planning and timely implementation. Members also noted that there were different views on the implementation of the Project and urged the Government to take them into account in working out the relevant details.

In today's meeting, members were also briefed on the background and proposed arrangements of the International Ideas Competition on Urban Planning and Design (the Competition) of KTF, a recreational landmark at the site of the former airport runway tip in the Kai Tak Development. KTF would cover an area of approximately 80 hectares and comprises mainly the Kai Tak Runway Tip, Kwun Tong Ferry Pier Action Area and Kwun Tong Shelter.

Members noted that EKEO would launch the Competition by the end of 2013 to look for creative thoughts and design excellence for the KTF, aiming to optimise KTF's development potential as a world class tourism and entertainment hub. It would be open to professionals and practitioners in the land development sector from all over the world. Based on the master planning and urban design scheme, planning and engineering studies would be conducted as necessary. Implementation of KTF would tie in with the overall development programme of Kai Tak Development.

Members welcomed the Competition and agreed that it would facilitate the transformation of Kowloon East and create a synergy effect with the various Energizing Kowloon East initiatives.

Ends/Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Issued at HKT 20:19