Appointments to the Community Involvement Committee on Greening and Expert Panel on Tree Management

The Development Bureau announced today (March 1) the appointment of members to the Community Involvement Committee on Greening (CICG) and the Expert Panel on Tree Management (Expert Panel) by the Secretary for Development for a term of two years with effect from March 1, 2013.

Four incumbent members were re-appointed and eight new members were appointed to CICG, whereas four incumbent members were re-appointed and one new member was appointed to the Expert Panel.

The CICG advises on measures to encourage quality greening and to nurture a culture of tree care through public education and community involvement activities.

The Expert Panel provides expertise in both policy and operational aspects concerning tree management with the objective of promoting the well-being of trees in Hong Kong, especially those with special value or interest.

Membership of the Community Involvement Committee on Greening is as follows:

Permanent Secretary for Development (Works)

Non-official members
Mr Chan Hak-kan
Professor Leslie Chen Hung-chi
Ms Chick Hiu-lai
Mr John Ho Kin-chuen
Mr Alkin Kwong Ching-wai
Ms Lam Chui-lin
Mr David Raymond Leung Chuen-choi
Mr Leung Man-kit
Dr Margaret Poon Chong-ching
Ms Wong Kit-lin
Mr Kenneth Wong Kok-lam
Mr Simon Yu Lap-on

Official members
Secretary for Education or representative
Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation or representative
Director of Civil Engineering and Development or representative
Director of Environmental Protection or representative
Director of Home Affairs or representative
Director of Housing or representative
Director of Leisure and Cultural Services or representative
Deputy Secretary (Works)1, Development Bureau

Membership of the Expert Panel on Tree Management is as follows:

Principal Assistant Secretary (Greening, Landscape and Tree Management), Development Bureau

Non-official members
Professor Jim Chi-yung
Dr Wong Fook-yee
Dr Peter Yau
Professor Zhuang Xueying
Mr Kevin Eckert *
Dr Goh Teik-khiang *
Dr Gu Jidong *
Mr John Ho Kin-chuen *
Dr Eric Lee Yin-tse *
Mr Ken So Kwok-yin *
Mr Pun Wing-wah

* Tenure started on September 10, 2012

Official members
Head of Tree Management Office, Development Bureau
Chief Leisure Management (Passive Amenities), Leisure and Cultural Services Department
Senior Conservation Officer/Technical Services, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Ends/Friday, March 1, 2013
Issued at HKT 20:23