Harbourfront Commission supports proposed establishment of harbourfront authority in Hong Kong

The following is issued on behalf of the Harbourfront Commission:

The Harbourfront Commission discussed the proposed establishment of a statutory harbourfront authority in Hong Kong and considered a broad framework for the authority in a closed-door session at the 10th Commission meeting today (June 4).

The Commission Chairman, Mr Nicholas Brooke, said after the meeting, "Victoria Harbour is the symbol of our city, and harbourfront enhancement is an important investment for the future of Hong Kong. To realise our long-term objective of a world-class harbourfront that is attractive, vibrant, accessible and sustainable, the Commission strongly supports the proposal to establish a dedicated statutory harbourfront authority to design, develop, operate and manage harbourfront projects in a holistic manner with a creative mindset, flexible framework and entrepreneurial culture.

"The aspiration of having a statutory and dedicated authority is growing - it was advocated by our predecessor, the former Harbour-front Enhancement Committee, and is well supported by this Commission.

"Members have given constructive advice at the meeting on the broad framework of the proposed authority. After consolidating Members' views on the proposal, the Commission will submit a report to the next Chief Executive for consideration."

Mr Brooke added, "The Commission was much encouraged by remarks made by the Financial Secretary in his 2012-13 Budget Speech that if the proposed establishment of a harbourfront authority is widely supported by the community, the Government shall provide the necessary financial support. We will continue to work in close partnership with the relevant bureau in the next Administration in achieving this common goal."

The Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, who is also the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, welcomed Members' support of the proposal to establish a statutory harbourfront authority.

Referring to a non-binding motion passed unanimously by the Legislative Council in July 2011, Mrs Lam said, "This vision of the Harbourfront Commission is obviously in line with the aspirations of the Legislative Council and the Subcommittee on Harbourfront Planning of the Panel on Development chaired by the Honourable Patrick Lau, which had put forward similar recommendations to the Administration."

The Commission also showed its appreciation for the staunch support and guidance given by Mrs Lam in the past two years as the Vice-Chairman of the Commission in pursuing a proactive harbourfront policy.

Mr Brooke said, "I also wish to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Mrs Lam for her dedication and untiring effort in pushing ahead with various harbourfront enhancement initiatives during her term of office as the Secretary for Development. The Commission is most thankful for her personal steer and unfailing support to our work as our Vice-Chairman over the past two years."


Ends/Monday, June 4, 2012
Issued at HKT 18:27